About us

At "CAROL PET ATELIER" we are committed to providing high quality of grooming and sitting services with plenty of special treatment and warm care for your pets. We all are "Animals Lovers!" Our regular clients and their owners are always very happy to visit us again.


We have  many years of experience and professional training. We will be very happy to style your dog or cat according to your specifications,  and we guarantee they will look so CUTE!!!!


Grooming is and essential part of a responsible pet care! Proper grooming include: Bathing and brushing to keep the skin and coat healthy. Examination of your pet's  ears as well as  dental care are also very important to prevent  potential infections and other serious health issues. Nail clipping is also neccesary to avoid painful paws on  long walks and while running and playing. 


We also offer Cat  Grooming. Cats also deserve the care, love, and attention of a professional and need to be clean and healthy. They dont' like to be dirty.  Frecuent grooming help them remain happy and healthly. Brushing, and remove loose hair, help prevent hairballs and tangling, wich can be  very dangerous for them. Cats with long hair need be groomed on a weekly basis and brushed every day. Ears need to be clean and examined for ear mites. Nails have to be cut as well, wich will make them that more cuddly.  Your Cat will prrrrrr after our care!


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